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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Roleplay Tournament 3



This is the third Alex's DBZ RPG 5 Roleplay Tournament. The winner of this tournament will take home a brand new Digitally Remastered Double Feature including the Super Android 13 and Bojack Unbound movies. This page will be periodically updated with new details and information so please be sure to check back frequently.

Round Winner's: +50 all stats (+200 ki, +400 pl), +25 exp, +X RP Credits where X is the number of posts you have in a round. Round Loser's: +35 all stats (+140 ki, +280 pl), +25 exp, +X RP Credits where X is the number of posts you have in a round.

Final Round Winner: +100 all stats (+400 ki, +800 pl), +30 exp, +50 RP Credits, +2,500 zeni, 1st Place Trophy, DVD Prize Final Round Loser: +75 all stats (+300 ki, +600 pl), +30 exp, +25 RP Credits, +1,500 zeni

Registration is open until March 26h and will remain open until all 16 spots are filled.

The tournament will take place solely over the ADBZRPG forums. Chat or AIM battles are not allowed.

Method of Fighting
Fighting will be done through the conventional fighting method.

Determining a Winner
Each battle will be reviewed afterwards a panel of three judges to determine the winner based on their Role-Play abilities and creativity. Winners will wait for the next round after all of the first round battles are finished. The judges for this tournament are Razak, Vegeta, and Tasuda.

Who can Register?
First off, you need to be an official member of Alex's DBZ RPG 5 to register for the tournament. That means you need to have a character that is listed on the roster page. Secondly, anyone on the site can join the Tournament no matter where your character currently is. If dead and in the Next Dimension/Hell you will receive a special Time Pass to leave your current out-world location and enter the Tournament. Once a member has signed up he/she cannot forfeit and MUST fight.

  1. All fights are to the death. There are no ring outs or forfeits. (Of course you don't actually die, this is strictly for battling purposes)
  2. Stats will be disregarded during this tournament but instead each fighter will be determined to have 1,250 all stats (10,000 power level). The only stat that will have any function is speed (to determine who goes first).
  3. All characters techniques will not be considered. Instead, you will be able to pick any 5 fundamentals, any 2 advanced, any 1 stance, and any 1 finisher at the start of the tournament to use during the tournament or any 6 fundamentals, any 2 stances, and any 3 advanced techniques. Special race techniques such as namekian regeneration will still be known. Characters will also be given Bukujutsu, Power Up, and Speed Teleport x3 at no slot cost. Alignment also doesn't matter so you may pick spirit bomb if you are evil. Power ups will be considered advanced techniques. Once you have declared what moves you are picking, you cannot change them.
  4. No items or weapons!
  5. If a participant is stunned by a Counter Attack (Determined by Ref) their opponent recieves +1 action.
  6. Every participant will have the ability to Counter Attack the other only ONCE, the Final Round participants will be able to Counter Twice.
  7. There will be no transformations or weapons allowed during the tournament.
  8. Round 1 battles will be required to have 10 posts. Round 2 Battles will be required to have 14 posts. Round 3 Battles will be required to have 18 posts. Final Round Battle will consist of atleast 20 posts with a 24 post maximum.
  9. Standard roleplay rules apply (i.e. no god-moding, no auto-hitting).
  10. Rule Amendment 1: If you do not make a reply in your battle for 24 hours, you forfeit your post and your opponent will be able to make another post. All of the actions of his previous post (that you failed to reply to) will automatically be successful.
How to Register
If you would like to register for the tournament please click here and reply to that thread.

7.Android 17
8.Android 14
13.King Cold
15.Android 13

For official round 3 bracket click here.


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