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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // How To Play

Stats & Traits

Power Level: This is the overall power rating of your character. Power Level is calculated by adding your Strength, Vitality, Stamina, Toughness, and Ki. You will see two numbers on your profile separated by a slash. The first power level number is your power level that you walk around at (this is always 75% of max). The second is your maximum power level. In battle, you will have to Power Up to unleash your full power.

Ki: A character's energy used for Ki attacks. This is calculated by adding your Strength, Vitality, Stamina, and Toughness.

Strength: Strength is your character's physical might. This determines the power of your physical attacks.

Speed: Speed determines who goes first in a battle and also turn order in group fights. Speed contributes to the chances of dodging attacks and your attacks being dodged.

Stamina Measures battle fatigue from using Ki during battle. The more Ki you use, the lower your stamina will become, and thus, the lower your power level will get. Once you run out of stamina, any additional Ki usage will detract from all your other stats, thus reducing your power level drastically.

Toughness: Determines your resistance to both physical and energy attacks and increases the chances of successfully blocking attacks.

Vitality: Measures battle fatigue from being hit during battles. Each time you are hit, your vitality will drain, thus lowering your power level. Once your vitality is gone, any additional damage will drain all your other stats, thus drastically reducing your power level. Keep in mind that vitality is not a measure of hit points. In some cases, you can be defeated while you still have vitality left and in others you might continue to fight on although your vitality is completely gone.

Be sure to read this guide to stats as they pertain to battles.

Intelligence: Intelligence is the first of three character traits. This trait measures your characters ability to enact battle strategy and tactics. The higher the intelligence stat, the better the success rate of a plot you might have hatched out actually working. If your intelligence is higher than your opponents, you may perform 1 counter attack in the battle. Intelligence also determines if you can flee from battles among a variety of other things seen here.

Determination: Determination is the second of three character traits. This trait measures your characters will to continue to fight or train, even if all seems hopeless. Determination will kick in when you are labeled as "near death" (as determined by the battle ref). When this label becomes active, all stats are increased by your determination.

Charisma: Charisma is the third of three character traits. This trait measures how well liked your character is. Someone with a high charisma will have no trouble having people follow his plans or help him. Charisma increases the stats of those fighting alongside you in group battles by +1 all stats for every 2 points of charisma (e.g. 500 charisma = +250 all stats) to a max of +15,000 pl. Only the character with the highest Charisma per side takes effect. If you are the captain or co-captain of an alliance your alliance, you are allowed to donate zeni to your alliance equal to or less than your charisma each week (capped at 300).

DP: Distribution points. Gained through leveling up and distributed among stats to increase them. Post distributions on the updates board.

SP: Skill points. SP are used to learn moves from masters.

QP: Quest Points. QP are acquired from completing Quests, See training for the exchange

EXP: Experience points gained through sparring and battling. See the training page for levels.

Basic Activity

To do most anything in the RPG, such as buying, equipping, traveling, training, etc., you must post that you are doing so on the updates board. Once your update is approved by a staff member, you can then make the edits to update your character profile thread on the character roster board.

Everything is done on a weekly basis so you are allowed one update per week. To do a weekly update such as training, distribution, or buying, simply post it on the updates board at any time during that week. To determine what column you are in, go to the roster page and you will see the members broken down into four columns. For more information on training, check out the training page.

Click here for a list of various different site mechanics rulings.

Learning Moves

Learning moves requires SP. You must be training with a master for moves in order to learn. All masters teach fundamental, advanced, and finisher moves for a set amount of SP. You can see how much these cost on the masters page. However, some techniques you must train with a specific master to learn them and they will cost a special amount of SP. All moves that are colored in yellow on the techniques pages must be learned from a specific master. If you find one in yellow that you would like to learn, cross-reference it with the masters page to see who teaches it. If there is a move listed in green, it means any master can teach it. To actually learn the move, you must pay the specific amount of SP. You may learn 1 move per week or 2 fundamentals.

Some moves can also be leveled up by paying additional SP such as fundamentals and advanced. See the technique information page to learn how to do this. There is no limit to the number of moves that can be leveled up per week.


Since this is a roleplaying game there are roleplaying bonuses awarded to encourage good stories. You may only roleplay on planets that you are actually on, and only in a maximum of two threads at the same time. Whenever you make a roleplay or finish a, you must report it on the Roleplay Reports forum. Please post one RP report per week, including all roleplays for that week. Roleplay bonuses are tallied and posted on your report thread and can then be claimed in your weekly update. Remember, when roleplaying you do not have to roleplay the personality of the character you have chosen from the show. For example, you could make Goku evil. There are three different types of roleplays that you may do while playing the RPG. Each has their own benefits, but personal roleplaying and saga's are a good way to progress your character.

[Personal Roleplays]
This is a common form of roleplaying on the RPG. All you must do is create a new topic, or reply to an old one and write a story about your character. It doesn't matter if your character gets beat up or wins a fight. The only limitations you have are to follow the roleplay rules posted on the rules page. You are welcome to post as many personal roleplays as you would like each week. You gain +1 RPC per 100 words, +1 DP per 900 words, and +5 all stats and +35 EXP points per 1,000 words. So at 1,000 words you would get +5 all stats, +35 EXP, at 2,000 words +10 all and +70 EXP, and so on. Please note that personal roleplays are different from personal sagas in that there is no minimum word count to finish them and you may only participate in one personal saga per week for bonuses.

[Personal Sagas]
A personal saga is when you create a short series of events that your character takes part in. You will keep posting in a thread until the saga is through. You are limited to completing one personal saga per week. To be eligible for the bonuses outlined below the saga in total must be at least 5,000 words long. This minimum increases by 1,000 words words for each participant in the saga. (e.g. if there are 2 people posting, the bare minimum is 6,000 words, 3 people would be 7,000 words). Be sure to write "Personal Saga" in the topic description so staff are aware it is not a personal roleplay. In addition to gaining 1 RPC per 300 words and +1 DP per 900 words, you will also get a completion bonus once the saga is finished. The numbers in the chart below represent how many words you must personally have written to gain these bonuses:

1,000 words: +200 zeni, +2 DP, +30 all stats, +2 RP Credits, +25 EXP
2,000 words: +400 zeni, +6 DP, +75 all stats, +5 RP Credits, +70 EXP
5,000 words: +800 zeni, +15 DP, +200 all stats, +15 RP Credits, +175 EXP
10,000 words: +1,600 zeni, +30 DP, +425 all stats, +40 RP Credits, +400 EXP
25,000 words: +4,000 zeni, +75 DP, +1,100 all stats, +90 RP Credits, +1,000 EXP
50,000 words: +8,000 zeni, +200 DP, +2,250 all stats, +200 RP Credits, +2,250 EXP

These can be combined so for example if you write 7,000 words, you will gain the 5,000 and 2,000 word bonuses combined. The max you can earn from any one personal saga, however, is +10,000 zeni and +3,000 exp.

If your personal saga surpasses 50,000 total word count and has two or more people involved, all bonuses except for zeni and tokens will receive an additional +50% upon completion (rounded up). Please note that the characters must be interacting with each other and participating in the same prompt to be eligible for these bonuses.

For each unique member after the second roleplaying in the same thread, completion bonuses will be increased by +10% stats to a max of +20% for 4 players or more. This does not increase zeni or RPC gained.

Tokens: Personal Sagas also give you the ability to earn tokens. Tokens are given out at 10,000 word intervals to people who have written 2,500 words. So for example, when the thread reaches 10,000 words, everybody with 2,500 words written gets a token. When the thread reaches 20,000 words, everybody who previously got a token can get another if they have over 5,000 words, and so on. Everybody who didn't get a token before, can get one now if they have 2,500 words. Tokens are capped at 5 per saga. To be eligible for tokens, the saga thread must have at least 3 unique members posting in it. Tokens can then be spent on purchasing special items (see the items page). You may not sell tokens or wish for tokens or token items. The only way is to earn 'em.

You may complete one quest per day and up to two total per week. To learn more about quests, click here. You may only complete two quests per week unless you have over 500 int. Dragonball quests do not count towards this limit.

Difficulty Completion Bonuses: (received in addition to the stated gains)
Easy: +35 all stats, +20 exp, +1 QP
Medium: +60 all stats, +45 exp, +2 QP
Hard: +125 all stats, +65 exp, +3 QP
Very Hard: +200 all stats, +100 exp, +4 QP
Epic: +300 all stats, +200 exp, +5 QP

For each unique member beyond the second roleplaying in the same thread, total completion bonuses will be increased by +10% stats to a max of +20% for 4 players or more.

[Official Sagas & Events]
Official sagas are a major part of the RPG and a great way to increase your stats through participation. When a post is made in the sagas board by one of the staff, it will have the planet of where it happened. The description will tell you the number of slots available for characters left to join. If you are already there, you may decide to drop what you are doing and participate. In this case you may reply to the thread with your introduction roleplay. If you are not on that planet, you may roleplay your character traveling to the spot of the saga. You do not actually have to travel there in this case, so your character might be on Namek but you could participate in the Earth Saga. To participate you must make an introduction roleplay. (See introduction roleplay section below)

Official sagas are also different in that you may roleplay in them and other threads at the same time. If you die in an official saga, you may also choose whether or not you actually want to go to the Next Dimension. If you choose not to, your death will merely be used as a plot device in the saga and your participation in it will end. The only exception to this would be if the planet is destroyed.

Speaking of which, you should keep in mind that site NPCs aren't bound by the same restrictions that playable characters are. They are often strong and incredibly difficult to take on. As such, the group fighting limit of participants does not apply to saga battles.

Run by staff members such as Roleplay Guides, Official Events are like Official Sagas but may be on a somewhat smaller scale and have more restrictions.

[Introduction Roleplays]
An introduction roleplay is required to join an official saga. In an introduction roleplay you must roleplay your characters arrival into the story. For example, you might roleplay arriving to a city and finding it in rubble. Another example could be greeting characters already involved in the saga.


There are 2 types of fighting in the RPG, battles and spars.

A spar is basically like a training fight. Characters cannot die or lose any zeni or items by being defeated in a spar. Generally, you have to be on the same planet to spar someone. Spars can be done in two ways: through chat (Discord) or over the forums. If it is done in a chat, each character takes turns attacking and defending. You should roleplay your attacks and defenses out so that they are no shorter than a sentence but no longer than two or three. Once finished, you should copy the chat log or write a summary of the spar to post on the spars forum. A Discord spar should still be at least 100 words.

A forum spar is actually done by roleplaying on the spars forum. Although it can take a few days, the benefits are greater. For every 200 words you roleplay in the spar, you will receive 1 RP credit (max 10 RP credit gain). Posts can be no shorter than 100 words each. Each participant needs to write at least 600 words before the spar can conclude, meaning a spar has to be at least 1,200 words long. A forum spar also counts as 2 spars towards Fighting Style levels (not your weekly spars), if you write 1,200 words it will count as 3, and if you write 1,800 words it will count as 4.

You are allowed to spar a maximum of two times per week unless you share an alliance or own specific items. You can never do more than 3 spars a week.

Spars end when one side declares themselves the loser. Both participants should come to a mutual agreement on when to end the spar and who the winner was. You are allowed to spar a maximum of two times per week.

Spar gainages can be found on the training page.

To find out about battling click here.

Equipment, Building, & Studying

Unless otherwise specified you can only equip 1 item to each part of your body. To equip or unequip an item, post it on the updates board as part of your weekly update. You cannot equip two of the same accessory unless stated.

You can build up to one item at a time (depending on your intelligence). Building an item means that you don't have to pay for it but it takes time to build. Building some things may take 1/2 a week and can be combined with other 1/2 a week items. Check the items page to see how long items take to build.

There are a few alternatives to building items. If you have the necessary materials for example, you may use one of your building slots to inscript your equipment. You can also use one of your building slots study a book that you have purchased or to install equipment into a ship.

Fighting Styles

Once your character reaches level 2, you have the option to chose a fighting style. Once they are leveled up to level 20, you may choose a second fighting style. To see a list of available fighting styles, check the fighting styles page. You can change your style at any time, but if you do it will reset to level 1.


While traveling you may still spar, roleplay, and train. You cannot make any purchases, build any items, inscript, or do a job while traveling, though. Traveling between planets takes 1 week. There are ways you can cut down on travel such as Instant Transmission which lowers all travel time to 0.

If you have training equipment installed you must declare it on your profile in parentheses after your ship. Example: Capsule Corp Ship (gravitron). Certain ships can only hold certain equipment. Installing takes one week and will use one of your building slots. You may uninstall one thing and install something else in the same week with just one slot.

Speed Teleport Chart

  • 500 speed: Can perform ability 1 time per battle.
  • 1,200 speed: Can perform twice.
  • 2,500 speed: Can perform three times.
  • 4,000 speed: Can perform four times.
  • 6,500 speed: Can perform five times.
  • 12,000 speed: Can perform six times.
  • 50,000 speed: Can perform seven times.
  • 100,000 speed: Can perform eight times.
  • 200,000 speed: Can perform Nine times.
  • 400,000 speed: Can perform Ten times.

Charisma Chart

  • 1,000 Charisma:

    Inspiring Influence: Increases Partner Training gains by +10 for you and your partner but this effect does not stack.


    Entrepreneur: Doubles stat gains in your job or adds +5 a stat to Job Set 3

  • 2,000 Charisma: Increases RP gains by 5% when roleplaying with 3 or more people (not zeni or RPC).
  • 4,000 Charisma: When Roleplaying with 3 or more people the thread gets 5% more RP gains (not zeni or RPC, does not stack with other charisma gains past 15%).
  • 10,000 Charisma: Increases Charisma Power Level cap to 50,000 pl

Intelligence Chart

  • 30 intelligence: Can build 2 items at once.
  • 50 intelligence: May use a build slot to study books.
  • 75 intelligence: Allows you to improve fundamentals to level 3 (+0.5 damage rating from level 2).
  • 100 intelligence: Allows you to create one custom advanced technique.
  • 200 intelligence: Increases total advanced technique slots by 1.
  • 400 intelligence: Allows you to bring 3 additional prepared items into each battle.
  • 500 intelligence: Allows you to complete two quests in one day. Also allows you to complete a total of three quests per week.
  • 1,000 intelligence: Increases finisher technique slots by 1.
  • 2,000 intelligence: Allows you to go back and re-read any books you have already studied all over again. Also doubles the gains from studying them the second time. Does not work with scrolls or Adel's Guides.
  • 4,000 intelligence: Increases accessory slots by 1.

Determination Chart

Choose which special technique to learn when you hit that determination amount. These only become available when you are labeled "near death" by ref.

  • 500 determination:

    Second Wind: The user gets a sudden burst burst of energy, ensuring they go out with a bang. +15% ki, no action required to use.


    Focused Anger: The user no longer cares that his body may be burned by his overuse of Ki. All ki costs are reduced by 25% (of their cost), no action required.

  • 1,000 determination:

    Hustle: The user realizes death is near and strives to make every action count. +1 action per post for your next three posts that ignores the maximum action limit.


    Ferocity: The sudden killing intent of one's aura startles the opponent. An opponent becomes stunned for 2 actions when activated. No action required.

  • 2,000 determination:

    Resolved: The user accepts their fate and feels refreshed knowing death is near. The next successful critical hit against you is ignored, requires no action to use.


    Dulled Senses: The amount of punishment taken so far this battle has numbed the user's sense of pain to a dull throb. -25% damage taken during your opponent's next post, no action taken.

  • 4,000 determination:

    Death Pact: The user feels the reaper's touch hovering near, but instead forces that hand towards their foe. All attacks your next (or current) post have the "undodgable" quality.


    Frenzy: The user rejects the idea of dying and is thrown into a wild state of rage. +25% damage during your next (or current) post.

  • 10,000 determination:

    Last Ditch Effort: After you have been ruled defeated in battle, your tremendous will power allows you to come back with fully restored ki to make one final post in a last ditch effort to win.
Rulings List

For a full list of all admin and staff rulings on how various interactions work click here.


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