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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Roleplay Tournament



This is the first Alex's DBZ RPG 5 Roleplay Tournament. This page will be periodically updated with new details and information so please be sure to check back frequently.

The Prize
The winner of the tournament will receive a copy of the new Bardock/History of Trunks remastered DVD. Participants will also gain +25 EXP, +10 all stats, (+40 ki, +80 pl), +100 Zeni, +1 SP per round of the tournament they battle in.

The tournament will begin on Monday, February 25th and will continue on through March. Registration will close on Friday, February 22nd.

The tournament will take place solely over the ADBZRPG forums. Chat or AIM battles are not allowed.

Method of Fighting
The method of fighting is through roleplay. Participants will be assigned an opponent for each round of the tournament. A new thread for each battle will be made under a new forum (still to be made) which will be devoted solely to the tournament. The person with the higher speed gets the first post (stats in no other way affect the battle). In each roleplay, the character is alloted 3 actions to perform. These actions can either be an attack or a defense. Actions will be listed at the bottom of the roleplay after writing out the roleplay itself. This allows for any ambiguous movements to still be disclosed to the other player. An example of how to do this is stickied on the tournament board.

Determining a Winner
Initially, the outcome of the battle will be left to how the roleplays play out. Standard roleplaying rules apply (no God mode, no auto hitting, etc.) If an outcome cannot be decided by the roleplayers, each battle will be judged and voted on by staff as well as by other members of the RPG. The player who is voted to have been the better roleplayer in the battle will be deemed the victor.

Who can Register
First off, you need to be an official member of Alex's DBZ RPG 5 to register for the tournament. That means you need to have a character that is listed on the roster page. Secondly, you must live within the United States or Canada. This is because we will not ship the prize outside of these two countries. Third, you have to be willing to disclose your location to the staff here when and if you win so that you may receive your prize.

  • You may participate no matter what planet you are on.
  • Stats and items do not matter/cannot be used, but you are still restricted to your technique list.
  • No God moding or auto-hitting.
How to Register
If you would like to register for the tournament please click here and reply to that thread.

Current Participants

1st Round, [Dabura def Zarbon]
2nd Round, [Android 14 def Android 13]
3rd Round, [Slug Vs. Janemba]
4th Round, [Bujin def Burter]
5th Round, [Toma def. Dore]
6th Round, [Cooler def Chi-Chi]
7th Round, [Jack Daarton def Android 17]
8th Round, [Bebi def Pan]
9th Round, [Frieza def Minosha]
10th Round, [Diive Vs. Paragus]
11th Round, [Uub def Pumpkin]
12th Round, [Yamcha def Videl]

13th Round, [Android 14 def Jack Daarton]
14th Round, [Uub def Frieza]
15th Round, [Yamcha def Cooler]
16th Round, [Dabura def Bujin]
17th Round, [Toma def Bebi]
18th Round, [Android 13 def Burter]

19th Round, [Uub def Yamcha]
20th Round, [Android 14 def Dabura]
21st Round, [Android 13 def Toma]

22nd Round, [Android 13 def Uub and Android 14]


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